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European Citizen's Band Federation
constituted in 1979 in Geneve, representing the users,
changes its name in
European Citizen's Band Union

Part of the World Citizen's Band Union (WCBU), ECBU does not want continue a ten years legal action, that allows to be confused with an organization, that tried to use its name and its history, for commercial interests.
The use of
European CB Federation
will continue until different decision.
A book on the
"History of Citizen's Band: the first social media"

will be the occasion to show the significant role that CB and CB user association founded in 1976, had in the evolution of the communications.
This organization, that, founded in 1976 , obtained in 2002 EU Directive that recognized of free use the CB in Europe, never trasformed itself in the association, that currently uses its name and an its emblem, used in ninties, toghether with the emblem that this organization founded in 1976 always used and ECBU uses now.
ECBU continues with no discontinuity the action of the association European Citizen's Band Federation founded in 1976 in Geneva.


Milan, November 7, 2013 

Open letter to Mr Michel Barnier,
EU Commissioner for Internal Market
and to
Mr Flavio Zanonato,
Italian Minister for Economical Development

"Canone RAI"
requested to Italian companies
in violation of EU  Directives and art. 105 point 2b of Italian Law 259/2003.
Action requested.


on all the two
Final decision of  the fourth Board of Appeal  of
Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market 
on appeal R1772/2008.

Our denomination


is finally  recognized as an our property

and as an our registered EU trade mark.

The tentative to usurpate our name  has been defetead.

Final decision of the Fouth Board of Appeal of
Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market
on appeal R0332/2010

Our denomination


is finally recognized as an our property
and as an our registered EU trade mark.

The tentative to usurpate our name has been defetead


A  strong reply to the illegittimate  tentative to try again
 to transfer properties of italian ECBF
March 7 , 2009




October 20,2008
N. 005196274

"European Citizen's Band Federation 
(E.C.B.F. or ECBF)"



October 1, 2008
OUR LOGO  00643309-001

The appellant condemned to pay our expences

Stopped the tentative to usurpate our emblem
The text of the decision


In four steps the attempt to "transfer illigally"
the  ECBF emblem and denomination  from the owner

New documents

trasmitted to OAMI on Jan. 18, 2008, clear how it has been organized the attempt of the "illegittimate transfer" of the denomination and emblem from the owner, the ECBF, our Italian organization founded in 1976, to another French organization, of similar name, an empty box founded in 1989.  A document  with  an illigittimate signature, presented on July 26, 2002 at Prefecture of Pau (France)  prepared the attempt.

                 more  details : the documents we trasmitted to OAMI on Jan. 20,
                                           with links to all the documents  we trasmitted to OAMI


XIII FIR-CB Italian National Congress

16-19 November 2007 -Montecatini Terme (Florence)

more details in Italian , in French


July 29, 2007 : on August 2 next, Italian tv will broadcast the CB emergency communication on CB ch9 in Bologna station disaster in 27th adniversary: more details in advance.


July 24, 2007: Fires in Gargano, South Italy: more than one hundred CBers of FIR-CB in Civil Protection ,involved in rescue emergency operation:

more details:


Why the Europen Citizen Band Federation founded 1976 is under Italian law?

All the documents and evidences in our reply to OAMI opposition show that the ECBF under Italian law ts the only legittimate owner of the ECBF emblems and ECBF names

and how the opposition is based on "modified" misleading documents



ECBF Statute: pag 1,2,3,4,5,6

ECBF NEWS 27 Dec. 2005

ECBF NEWS 14 Apr. 2006

ECBF COUNCIL Athens on 28 Apr. 2006 pag 1,2,3,4,5,6,7


ECBF CONGRESS - May 2, 2006, convocated in Warsaw (Poland) 21-22 October 2006

partecipation rules.

The ECBF Congress will be held at MDM Hotel - Conference room - Konstytucji Sq. 1, Warsaw 00-647, Poland

ECBF Council Oct. 31,2006 minute



Press news

July 4, 2006 - Protezione Civile Italiana: The European Civil Protection Association Commitee pag 1, 2, 3, 4, 5













Cologne, June 28, 2007

Court case on ECBF logo:

the French organization,

that Mr Rosello@Loechster claim to represent,

has to withdraw the claim against ECBF member DFA e.V and has to pay the court case expenses

More info


FIR-CB SER Civil Protection Regional School Camp "Grottaglie 5" - South Italy : 28-29-30 April, 1 May 2007. Organized by FIR-CB SER Puglian Regional structure, fifth edition, for Civil Protection Volunteers. More info on News of

direct streaming from



8 April 2007 - Tour d'Aigues - France

The General Assembly of FFCBL,

the French Federation for Free CB,

voted at unanimity to enter in ECBF.



Certificate of ECBF Logo registration



3 March 2007 - Neustad (Kassen) - Germany

Germany ECBF member

D.F.A. National Congress


Claim presented to Italian "Court"

agaist the abuse of ECBF

name and emblem

On January 16, 2007 at 11.30 it has been presented at "Procura della Repubblica di Milano", an Italian" Court", the claim ( "esposto-denuncia") against the abuse of the name and the emblem of ECBF. It is registered wth the number 526608203.


Now is possible to understand the Bruxell scission?

The secret contract revealed

A secret two pages document ( pag 1, pag 2 ), unknow to legittimate ECBF bodies till few months ago, proves an antistatutary commecial dependance of a kind of separate structure inside the organization.. This document is at the basis probably of the Bruxelles scission. The ECBF finally is again an users organization.. This agreement, made also in ECBF name, has been made without any knolowdge of ECBF legal representative and legittimate ECBF bodies, Council and Congress.





ECBF emblem: on Dec. 27, 2006 we have filed the request of registration to UAMI (e-00025620-M) of the our emblem:

It has been possible after that the wellknown illigittimate request of registration by unauthorized person filed on April 2006, has been withdrawn on Dec. 12, 2006.

ECBF denomination: our request of registration to UAMI of the denomination: EUROPEAN CITIZEN'S BAND FEDERATION filed on Jun, 27,2006 has ben accepted on Nov. 11, 2006.


Chianciano (Siena) Tuscany Italy - 12 November 2006

XXX anniversary of ECBF -Radio Emergency Service: 1976-2006

The XXX annniversary of ECBF Radio Emergency Service has been celebrated with the Mr Agostino Miozzo, representative of Italian Government Civil Protection and Mrs Anna Spaziani, representative of Italian Government Civil Protection Emergency Communication, ( ) with the partetcipation of the maior of the city of Chianciano, Guido Bombagli, and Civil Protection Deputy of Provincia of Siena, Silvana Micheli, and the Director of Civil Protection Institute, Roberto Mugavero, ( ). The flag at panel table is the first ECBF flag of Geneve II ECBF Congress held on April 1977.

Articles on newspapers on the event: 1, 2, 3


WARSAW - Oct. 21-22, 2006

Minute of XII ECBF Congress

ECBF MAGAZINE - Special edition for Warsaw XII ECBF Congress Oct. 21-22, 2006

This is the only official  web site of the traditional users oranization, named

European Citizen's Band Federation,

 founded in 1976 and ruled by  the Statute  approved by 11th ECBF Congress at UNESCO Palace     in Paris  on 13-14 April 2000, with headquarter in via Lanzone 7, Milan, Italy 20123

You have on this site,  other than the documentation on the tentative to usurp ECBF emblem,the minute of first session of Athens ECBF Council on  April 28, 2006, with partecipation rules to ECBF Extraordinary Congress on Warsaw on 21-22 October 2006

ECBF President and ECBF Council President: Enrico Campagnoli


Al Gross, at International Telecommunication Union in Geneve