The President



Milan, 14 April 2006

Dear friends,

as I told you in the last email before Christmas, ECBF is becoming old: to its XXX anniversary.

Let us try to have ECBF in good shape.
ECBF, as users organization, always proud of its independency and autonomy,
is willing to arrive to a ECBF Congress largely representative of users of
personal communications of which CB has been the flag.
Radio Emergency Service has been, till the beginning, with emergency and
Civil Protection activity an important part of ECBF and now the European
scenario is giving it more importance than in the past.

We have the opportunity to arrive to the next ECBF Congress with a strongly
represented Radio Emergency Service in the European Union Civil Protection
Volunteers Association world.

ECBF is a founder of the new constituted European Civil Protection
Volunteers Association Committee (EPCVAC) ( ), on March 10, 2006 in Neuhausen in Germany during the first meeting organized by European Commission of Governamental and not Governamental organizations of Civil Protection volunteers (

The coordinator, till the next meeting, is a representative of an Italian
old organization with which we can work close.

Each ECBF association that is involved in Civil Protection in its country is
kindly requested to send me back the Application Form 1 as full member.

Each ECBF association that is willing to be involved in Civil Protection and
believes to have the possibility to be useful in emergencies, but it is not
allowed to operate by local or national authorities is requested to fulfil
the Application Form 1, but as observer.

Many European States, according the UN General Assembly decision ( ), are involving in last years volunteers associations in Civil Protection.

In each country it will be constituted in next months a national section of
EPCVAC ( ), that is going to have the first meeting late this year.

Coming back to the next ECBF Congress as we are starting from a frozen
situation, I am kindly requesting to all active members with which I did not
have recently a phone conversation to send back to me replying to this email
an update contact phone number, to have a better organization
of the Congress.
Best regards.
Happy Easter to you and to your family.

Enrico Campagnoli
ECBF President